Learning coding at home?!

In our ever-changing world, adapting to changes and working on continuous improvement is inevitable.

To be frank, this imperative is not only due to the spread of Covid-19, but the change towards digitalizing education has been and remains an imperative trend in the education industry throughout the world.

Parents have some responsibilities to ensure that their children exist and compete in a world full of challenges and adventure!

The most important of these skills are critical thinking, computational thinking, logical thinking, and analysis.

A parent may be puzzled: “how can I find a place for my son in this changing world?!” and these skills are imperative to be present in most of educational systems that do not aim to develop these skills.

Perhaps the answer to these questions always lies at home time. This hidden treasure lies in the depths of the excessive and mistaken use of technology such as social media and youtube viewings.

Many specialists agreed on the importance of teaching programming or “coding” to students from the elementary school stage. Teaching coding is a superb catalyst and trainer for critical thinking skills, computational thinking, problem-solving skills, and other 21st century skills.

Coding is the future language, and an ignorant person will be considered illiterate in the near future. This is not the only motivation behind teaching coding, learning coding can really help students to think critically, with computational thinking skills, to solve problems.

There are many providers of programming services for children, whether online or offline. But if you have decided to allow this chance to your kids, try to provide a supportive environment, a suitable computer, provide a specific time in the day, and take from reliable sources.

Perhaps Covid-19 will be a cause of unexpected development for our children. Give your children a space to learn new things using interesting methods.

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