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Flexi Education Framework

New era of education with Flexi Education Framework

In today’s education system, one size fits all approach is no longer valid. Students have different learning styles, aptitudes, and personalities that make each one unique. In order to provide a personalized learning experience for every student, Taleem Educational Services and Consultations (TESC) has introduced Flexi Education Framework, a patent for highly customized, differentiated, and adaptive learning innovation.

Flexi Education Framework aims to provide a school for every student, by tailoring instruction, assessment, feedback, and support to meet each student’s individual needs. This education framework is designed to help students succeed by providing them with personalized learning experiences that adapt to their learning styles, preferences, and needs. Flexi Education Framework is developed by TESC’s educationalists and education technology experts, who have created an AI driven Learning Management System (Flexi LMS) to fulfill the needs of students worldwide, integrating with the best interactive teaching and learning resources to provide an unprecedented learning experience.

Revolutionizing education: modern, inclusive, and tailored to every individual

Flexi education framework is a solution to many challenges that education systems face today. It is convenient with individualized learning experiences, managing large classrooms with different learning needs, and measuring student progress timely, progressively, and effectively. Flexi Framework is designed to be used by schools and education institutions, to improve student learning outcomes and to help students achieve their full potential. The framework is highly customizable, and schools can use it to create a personalized learning experience for each student, based on their learning styles, preferences, and needs. It also provides teachers with tools to manage and track student progress and to provide timely feedback and support.

One of the key benefits of the Flexi Framework is that it is financially profitable. It helps schools to reduce costs by optimizing their resources and improving efficiency. Statistically, more than 25% of operation cost is saved when a school implements Flexi Education Framework in full.

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