Yearn to Learn

Flexible assessment balancing activities and academic

Flexi Academy has developed a comprehensive assessment strategy that is designed to measure the performance of students with different learning styles and levels of comprehension. This strategy is divided into three main components: Lesson Activities, Unit Activities, and Quadmester Final Exams.

Lesson Activities include quizzes and assignments that are given throughout the course for each lesson. Assessment is designed to test the student's understanding of the subject mater and to reinforce key concepts. Students receive feedback on their progress and identify areas where they need to focus more attention.

Unit Activities include unit tests, projects, e-portfolios, and virtual field trips. They test student's comprehension of the subject mater in each unit. Projects and e-portfolios allow students to showcase their creativities and critical thinking skills, while virtual field trips provide an opportunity for students to experience real-world scenarios related to the unit topic(s).

Personalized, balanced assessment to ensure academic excellence

Final Exams test the student's overall acquisition of learning skills handled in the entire quadmester. It is a summative assessment intended to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the student's performance.

In the Canadian Curriculum, Flexi Academy follows "Growing Success", which emphasizes the use of rigorous assessment tools to accommodate the different learning styles and needs of students. It also focuses on providing ongoing feedback to students so that they can monitor their own progress and make adjustments as needed.

The Ontario Ministry of Education’s website provides detailed information on the assessment policies and procedures that are used in Ontario schools. For more information about the Growing Success assessment framework please click here.