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Outstanding privileges through affiliation with Flexi Academy

Flexi Academy proudly presents a wide range of affiliation and partnership programs that have been meticulously designed to benefit both parties involved. These programs aim to elevate our esteemed partners' position in the highly competitive education market. At Flexi Academy, we understand the significance of collaboration and the power it holds in fostering growth and success. Through our affiliation and partnership programs, we offer an opportunity for educational institutions, organizations, and individuals to join hands with us and embark on a mutually beneficial journey. Partners can select one or more of the following collaboration modes:

  1. Twinning and Diploma Recognition
  2. Academic Collaboration and Consultancy Service
  3. Interactive Resources and LMS Provision
  4. Teacher and Student Exchange Programs
  5. Regional Office Representation
  6. FlexiBlend Franchise
  7. Flexi Framework Implementation
  8. Marketing and Recruitment Agency
  9. Corporate Customized Programs

9+Collaboration Modes