Flexi is registered and approved by Ontario Ministry of Education – Canada, and Florida Department of Education – USA.

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Flexi is accredited by the American International Accreditation Association for Schools and Colleges (AIAASC).

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We are dedicated to delivering highest quality education. Our main concern is finding an optimal solution for your child’s needs.

We Are Pioneers in Online Education

Our outstanding teachers, educators, and innovators are dedicated to optimizing the learning experience of our students. We based our online school on the innovative ideas of Flexi Education Framework and the insight of our educators. We have provided and employed the latest technologies to ensure a seamless and unmatched immersive learning experience for students.

You are all incredibly special individuals. This is an opportunity to use those artistic skills of critical thinking, problem solving, persistence, creativity, and discipline to make the most of your time.

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Enrolment Modes

We understand in Flexi Online School that every individual is unique, and their needs specifically differ from others. Because we value our students, we’ve tailored different enrolment modes to accommodate their needs.


A program for students who wish to experience Flexi and all of its features including a highschool diploma and live classes.

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A good choice for students who wish to gain access to all materials in a certain grade without the need for classes or a diploma.

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Off the Shelf

Students who wish to improve their skills in a selected set of subjects can customise their enrolments.

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Parents Trust Flexi Academy

Flexi Online School is the product of TESC’s Flexi Education Framework; a registered IPO, which endured years of educational research and practicum. TESC has decades of experience in managing private and international schools, teacher training, and partnering with universities around the globe.

Interactive content

Hand-picked resources, customized to match learning goals

fasttrack learning

Students learn at their own pace.

detailed reports

Monitor your child’s progress in real-time.

Qualified Staff

Teachers and moderators will always keep an eye on our students.

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Sign up with Flexi Online School and register your child to gain access to our free trial program, where the student can view and interact with our learning materials.

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