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TESC CEO Visits EEO Headquarters in China

10 Apr

TESC CEO Visits EEO Headquarters in China

Dr. Abdulhamid Alfadaly, the CEO of TESC - Global, recently visited EEO and Classin in China, following an invitation from Junbo Song, the CEO of EEO and Classin. During the visit, the two CEOs discussed current strategic cooperation opportunities in the Middle East.

Dr. Alfadaly met with the top management at EEO and delivered seminars on TESC's expertise in the field. The visit also included site visits to gain a deeper understanding of the operations of EEO and Classin

Both parties expressed their enthusiasm for the visit and their desire to strengthen their collaboration in the future. They believe that this visit will facilitate greater understanding between their companies and lead to more mutually beneficial partnerships for the sake of better-quality education in the region.