Learning Activities

The academic calendar will include numerous events to get students and teachers socialize and gather physically as much as possible. Flexi Online Academy allocates special care to students social and learning activities, which fills up the alienation that the online learning might effect. FOA has local educational partners in many regions and countries. Those partners take care of organizing real/physical events as per the academic calendar as follows:

Science Activity

Using a science virtual laboratory was like adding a new brick into the interactive learning establishment that we are building; however, we care for the lab as the place where students can transform the written texts into real experiments. FOA seeks gaining access to local institutions, which might avail real labs where students can conceptualize and visualize the written information to see the results with their own eyes and touch the outcomes of their learning with their own hands.

Spelling Bee

One of the interesting competitions organized by local FOA’s partners for is the  Spelling Bee. Contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. The spelling bee allows our students to develop a range of cognitive skills including the ability to handle pressure. A spelling bee competition can result in a range of benefits ranging from higher confidence to better vocabulary and spelling.

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