School Official Name:  Flexi Academy Private School
School Brand Name:    Flexi International Online School
Flexi International Online School is licensed by:

  • Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada; License (BSID) No. 886312.
    Click here to view Ontario license, then download the file.
  • Florida Department of Education, USA; License (Code) No. 8266.
    Click here to view Florida License. Click Jackson District, and download the file.


Certificates awarding body is Flexi Academy Private School, endorsed by either Florida Department of Education, USA, or Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada.


  • American Education Program for Grade 1 – 8 students
  • American High School Diploma for Grade 9 – 12 students (24 Credit Hours)
  • Canadian Secondary School Certificate for Grade 9 – 12 students (30 Credit Hours)
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