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Flexi International Online School (FIOS) is the masterpiece product of Flexi Education Framework, which is a registered intellectual property of Taleem Educational Services and Consultations (TESC). FIOS is a K-12 full-time school, which is dedicated to providing highest adaptive education, supporting morals and academic competence, fostering innovation, and preparing for leading the future.

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Full Time Students
Region Registration Fees Tuition Fees / Month Tuition Fees / Year
North America 160 USD 160 USD 1,500 USD
South America 110 USD 110 USD 1,000 USD
Europe 210 USD 210 USD 2,000 USD
Middle East 110 USD 110 USD 1,000 USD
East Asia 110 USD 110 USD 1,000 USD
Regions Tuition Fees / Month Tuition Fees / Year
North America 17 USD 165 USD
South America 11 USD 110 USD
Europe 22 USD 220 USD
Middle East 11 USD 110 USD
East Asia 11 USD 110 USD

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Email: info@flexiacademy.com

WhatsApp: +601150011122

    Flexi Partners

    Licensed School

    Flexi is approved by authorities in USA and Canada

    World Rank Programs

    Globally recognized American and Canadian curriculums

    Adaptive, Customized Learning

    We help you control your learning rhythm and detect your learning style

    Interactive Digital Resources

    Learning is fun when students interact with resources of their choice

    World-class Academic Partners

    Discovery Education, NewPath Learning, and Edulastic

    World universities admission

    Colleges and universities all over the world welcome our graduates

    Professional Distant Teachers

    Multinational, well trained subject matter experts

    Flexi Online Learning

    Learn wherever you are, whenever you can, and the way you see best for you

    Budget Education Option

    You won't have to pay as much as you traditionally do

    Live Learning Activities

    We meet together in on-site activities to foster our social and physical skills