Parents’ Corner

At Flexi Online Academy (FOA), many of us are parents too and so we understand the importance of your child’s education and wellbeing. We have identified areas that parents are interested in learning more about, such as student safety, the learning environment, why homeschooling and distant education are great options, and how a parent can audit their child’s learning without interfering with his or her independence. We address these issues below.

Student Safety

As is the case with other schools, FOA requires that our teachers submit police background checks upon hiring. We also help our teachers understand the tremendous responsibility involved with teaching. As well, we use a course review process through which all courses undergo regular and systematic reviews. Age and culture appropriate content is examined carefully as part of this review process. Finally, to ensure a safe experience in the learning environment, each student receive a unique login to access the course material.

The Learning Environment

FOA courses are presented on Flexi Learning Management System integrated with Discovery  Education and NewPath Learning, which create a safe and secure learning environment. This learning environment is password protected and each student is given his or her own unique login. The FOA learning environment does not feature any advertising so all your child will see is course material. FOA has an anti-bullying policy in an effort to protect your child from harm. Additionally, all discussions are monitored to ensure that the anti-bullying policy is followed and that your child’s contributions are respected.

Homeschooling And Distant Education

Homeschooling and distant education is becoming increasingly popular in the last decade for many reasons. In addition to the global lock-down of most of schools on Earth because of Covid-19 pandemic, some of these reasons include a desire for an alternative to traditional schooling, differences regarding religious or political beliefs, and a need for flexibility for professionals and their children when they are travelling.

Furthermore, parents and students are looking for an opportunity for personalized and individualized experiences that foster creativity and prepare students to become 21st century, digital citizens. Parents often choose FOA in order to gain access to homeschooling resources or more dedicatedly, to enroll their children as full time online students. Another common purpose is to provide students with additional material to supplement their bricks and mortar classroom thereby accelerate their children’s learning.

Parents’ Login

You will be provided an individual login to your child’s FOA course. This login will allow you to track your child’s progress, view course content, and communicate with your child’s teacher. This valuable feature allows you to stay involved in your child’s learning, while giving him or her an increased sense of personal responsibility and autonomy.


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