Assessment Strategies

  • Academic Assessment, which is all types of testing students’ achievements and aptitudes (Quizzes, Tests, Exams, and Students’ Independent Written Classwork conducted under teachers’ guidance), and
  • Portfolio Assessment, which is an accumulation of all students’ work during his/her study. Students should have a folder for every subject, in which he/she should keep all work and material done through the quarter including all (homework, classwork, independent written classwork, projects, researches, impressions, draft productions, quizzes and tests, etc.) The teacher might guide students to organize their portfolios. The portfolios are checked by the teacher quarterly to validate and verify the marks that were taken during the quarter.
  • Each core subject grants one Credit Hour, and is given 100 marks.
  • An academic year has 4 quarters. The total marks on the Final Report are taken accumulatively from all 4 quarters.
  • The general assessment style is a continuous evaluation, yet with some necessary modifications accordingly that cope up with students’ and parents’ culture and capabilities, and sometimes with teachers’ abilities and attitudes.
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