Principal’s Word

Greetings! Trust everyone is well and making their way through these unprecedented times. We know it is a big decision that you continue your education journey distance learning; however, we want you to be certain that moving forward, you will be really learning the meaning of flexibility and patience to top up your academic competence, which will be accelerating through our Flexi Education Framework.

You are all incredibly special individuals. This is an opportunity to use those artistic skills of critical thinking, problem solving, persistence, creativity and discipline to make the most of this time.

Critical thinking It is not a stretch to say that many of your brains are constantly in high gear; use it to reflect and find alternative ways around hurdles.

Problem solving This is time to really use those reasoning skills. Times of great turmoil bring out the best in problem solving.

Persistence You have all been through unsure times – stay the course – keep moving forward and do not give up.

Discipline Use the schedule created to get a routine. Now is also a time to work on the technical aspects of your craft.

Creativity The most outstanding works of art are created in times like these.

Please understand that everyone at Flexi Online Academy is very important to us and I want you to gain as much from our unique and innovative education framework as possible.

Wish you all happy and resourceful times at Flexi Online Academy.

Thank you.

School principal,

Dr Abdulhameed Alfadaly

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